TOP 4 PRODUCTS high in peptides✨

The term "peptides" refers to small molecules that consist of several amino acids, the same amino acids that create proteins in our body. It could be said that peptides are thoroughly chopped proteins (or vice versa, proteins are super long peptides). Peptides perform various functions in our skin—they could promote collagen synthesis, decrease inflammation, speed up the healing process, calm the skin, and even block the nervous signal from the brain to muscle. So the word "peptide" itself just explains the type of molecule, but not the way of action. If you want to understand something about how the product with peptides will perform, you should ask: which specific peptide does it contain? Apparently, there are tons of peptides in the cosmetic industry.

The INCI name of peptides is often long and distinguishing between different peptides might not be easy. Normally, we operate with trademark names, which are shorter and easier to remember. As an example, the most famous peptide that promotes collagen synthesis, Matrixyl 3000, has an INCI name Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1.

But what is also common for most peptides is that they are molecules that are pretty narrowly targeted to specific actions—and that is why they are safe and have no side effects. Also, peptides are scientifically proven and explained, and last but really important—peptides are unquestionably effective.

Here at SKINLIST, we love peptides, so here we have prepared for you the top products with these amazing ingredients:

1️⃣ Mediplorer Radiance Lift Serum

Here we have the whole cocktail of highly effective peptides: SYN-HYCAN, SYN-COLL, SYN-TACKS, and SYN-AKE. The serum effectively saturates the skin with nutrients, activates the processes of neocollagenesis, smoothes wrinkles, and inactivates free radicals.


It contributes to skin sagging, improves skin tone and firmness, and reduces lines and wrinkle depths; this is a highly moisturizing serum. Here we have SYN-COLL peptide.

3️⃣ Medik8 LIQUID PEPTIDES 30% Complex Multi-Peptide Serum

Medik8 LIQUID PEPTIDES 30% Complex Multi-Peptide Serum

As we see from the name, this serum consists of 30% peptides; believe us—it is a lot. We have here ARGIRELOX (for relaxing facial muscles), Matrixyl 3000, and Copper peptides—that is the group of peptides that are connected to Copper and work perfectly for reducing wrinkles. This serum tackles expression lines and deeper wrinkles and reduces or prevents visible signs of skin aging.

4️⃣ Meder Beauty Myo-Fix Concentrate Mf4

Meder Beauty Myo-Fix Concentrate Mf4
Oh, that is a pretty unique product—it is "botox" in a bottle. 10% of peptides (ARGIRELINE, LEUPHASYL, SYN-AKE) which are blocking the nervous impulse to your facial muscles and for some people could really freeze the forehead. Also, Matrixyl 3000 is there—so if mimic wrinkles are your concern—buy now.

Take care of your skin and use products with peptides. Despite your skin sensitivity, you will benefit from them. If you need specific advice—consider our consultation service.

Have healthy and nice skin
Your SKINLIST team