Wie zijn wij?

Introducing Skinlist Netherlands, your go-to personalized online skincare consultation service, offering an array of top-notch cosmetics in our specialized online store. The driving force behind Skinlist Global is Tetiana Shalahina, a seasoned aesthetician who also holds a degree in molecular biology. Our focus is on promoting non-invasive cosmetology and savvy at-home skincare, recognizing their potential to enhance skin health and radiance.

In 2019, we took off with our maiden project, Skinlist.pro, right in Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦. The local success and recognition fueled our ambition to share our comprehensive skincare approach and premium cosmetics with a European Union audience.

Our consultation options come in two flavors: private sessions with Tetiana Shalahina, either online or offline, and our distinctive Text&Photo Consultation, available exclusively online. During these consultations, our skilled cosmetologists delve into your skin's condition through a detailed questionnaire, photos, and attentive conversation. This comprehensive understanding forms the basis for a tailored, long-term skincare routine that addresses your unique needs.

Rest assured, we're not just making educated guesses. We bring a wealth of experience working with the products we recommend, coupled with official professional education from various brands. And yes, you can conveniently purchase all these products directly from our website.

At the core of our business philosophy is the recognition that every skin is distinct and deserves tailored treatment. It's all about celebrating the beauty of our differences, as that's the common thread that makes us unique.